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Modern web site design that meets the needs of your business and customers

Ready to increase your the level of customer activity on your website?

Designed For your businesses Needs

We know you company isn’t exactly like the guy’s down the street. That’s why we don’t treat you or your website like the guy down the street.  We sit back and listen carefully about what makes you, your business and your customers unique so we are able to communicate that to your customers.

Designed for your business
Dedicated Web Support

Dedicated Website Care & Support

Once you website is live you are not on your own. We will stand by you side by side to ensure your website is maintained, optimized, backed up and running smooth.

We ensure your site is never attacked by malware or hackers. On top of all that we provide 1 hour per month in site updates at no charge!

We Make Updates easy

We know you will likely want to update your website with new information on a frequent basis.  That’s why we use the WordPress platform. The same platform used by brands like Disney, MTV, Sony and more. A well built WordPress site makes it easy for you and your team to update text, images and products. Of course if you need help we will always have your back.

Get 1 FREE hour of updates each month with our Website Care Plan. On top of that we ensure your site is hacker free and running smooth!

Easy Website Updates
Turn Leads into Customer

Good Web Design is more than looks

When we meet with you we ask important questions so we can make decisions based on your goals, audience and messaging.  So we can convertvisitors into customers by leading them down a desired path.

A Mobile website must be responsive.

In the US mobile users (people browsing with their phone) made up 61% of all website visits in 2020. That’s why having a mobile responsive website is a non negotiable today! HG Site Design will make sure your site performs the way your customers expect!

Responsive Web Design

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Your business is unique. You have unique challenges, customers and needs. We want to hear all about them so we can help you design a web site that will generate more revenue.

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