Google Advertising

Google Search ads or Pay per Click (ppc) WHile Search engine optimization is a marathon Google Ads are a sprint or in plain terms its a way to get leads right now!
Google PPC Ads

Ready to increase your leads with Google PPC ads?

Why Google Ads?

The reason why Google is so effective in increasing your leads is that Google is the Search Engine where 92.47% of searches start.  It is the place that people go to solve problems.  Say your daughter just got engaged you need a venue, florist, photographer, DJ, caterer, baker, etc.  Your first step is likely to Google to see what is out there.

Most service based business solve a problem that someone is searching for right now on Google. This is your chance to get in front of customers today!



of the searches on google have local intent


of Consumers that perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location


of Local Mobile Searches Result in Offline Purchases

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